Sendamangalam Town Panchayat

Town Profile

  1. Sendamangalam Town Panchayat Located 8.00 K.M distance from Namakkal District.
  2. Nearest Railway Station Name : NAMAKKAL , This Railway Station Located 8.00 k.m Distance from sendamangalam
  3. Nearest Airport Located in : SALEM
  4. Bus Route Details : : Namakkal to Rasipuram (Via) Sendamangalam. Namakkal NH7 Pudhan Shandy to Sendamangalam
  1. Perumal Kovil - Ward No : 10 - Street Name - Perumal Kovil Street
  2. Eswaran Kovil - Ward No : 3 - Street Name - East Gandhipuram
  3. Mariyamman Kovil - Ward No : 4 - Street Name - Mariyamman Kovil Street
  4. Mariyamman Kovil - Ward No : 3 - Street Name - East Gandhipuram
  5. Madha Kovil - Ward No : 17 - Street Name - Madha Kovil Street
  6. Krishnasamy Kovil - Ward No : 16 - Street Name - West Gandhipuram
Festival Name How many Days Celebrated Which Month Celebrated No of Peoples ParticipatedNotified/Non Notified
Maasi Maham Car Festival3FEB15000NON-NOTIFIED
Maha Sivarathiri1MAR1000NON-NOTIFIED
Nearest City Name Direction Distance from Town Panchayat
-East0.00 K.m
TiruchengodeWest45.00 K.m
RasipuramNorth22.00 K.m
NamakkalSouth8.00 K.m





1) Town History

                   Sendamangalam Town has a rich historical and cultural heritage.  The history bears testimony to the rule of a fist of dynastic. The Lakshmi Narayana Perumal Temple and Someswarar Temple in religious centre with the presence of large number of temples and churches.  The population of the town was 18116in 2001 and rose to 19750 in 2011.  There are number of substantial riots living in this town


2) Town administration

      Sendamangalam Town Panchayat was constituted on 1961 as First Grade Town Panchayat and further it was upgraded to Selection Grade from 1984 and functioning as such till date.  The extent of the Town Panchayat is 8.80 Sq.K.M.  The population of the Town Panchayat is 18116 as per 2001 census, consisting 9078 men and 9038 women.

                   The town was delineated to 18 Administration wards.  The Urban local Body elections were held on 19.10.2011 for the posts of the 18 No’s Town Panchayat Ward members and One Chairperson.


3) Location

Sendamangalam known originally as Serndamangalam is situated near Kolli Hills.  It is located at a distance of 11 kilometers North of Namakkal Municipality and a distance of 24 Kilometers of South of North Rasipuram Municipality, on the Namakkal – Rasipuram State High way.


Demographic Features of the Town


Population 1991



Population 2001



Population Growth Rate




8.800 sq km


Population Density (2001)

2058 / Sq Km


No. of households (2001)



Average Household size (2001)

161 / Sq.Ft


4) Town Panchayat roads

          The total length of the internal roads coming under the Town Panchayat is 37.02 Sq.Km. The classification of the road is as follows.


Black topped roads                 -          23.490 km

Cement concrete roads          -          12.030 km

Earthen roads                          -            1.500 km

                    Total                    -          37.020 km


5) Water Supply

          Sendamangalam town Panchayat is provided Own water supply Scheme and CWSS.


Water supply Own scheme


Karuvattaru - River

Distance from the town

12 km

Year of installation of water works


Transmission type


Head works

Nadukkompai- (Karavalli)

Timing of water supplied


Total No. of  Public fountain


Total No. of  Hand Pump


Total No. of  Mini Power Pump


Total No. of Open well



6) Sanitation and drainage

          The total quantity of water supplied per day is 14.20 lakhs liters. The Town Panchayat has maintained the entire distribution system. Besides the water supply scheme the local body has provide about 33 numbers of open wells, 8 Mini power pump and 34 numbers of hand Pumps for public use with septic tank connections. The remaining 50 percent have no such arrangements providing toilets at least in areas where economically weaker sections of the population live under low cost sanitation (I.C.S) and other scheme.

7) Storm Water Drainage

          There is no underground drainage system. 30.56 kms storm water drains have been provided in the town. Due to terrain conditions and natural slope towards southwards prevents this town inundation.

8) Solid Waste Management

          The total quantity of solid waste generate in the town is estimated to be about 1.50 tones (Assuming 250 gms per capita) per day. But only about 1.80 tones of solid waste are effectively collected every day. The local body employs to clear the garbages. A total of 20 contract sweepers are employed for the purpose of cleaning. The collection vehicles make required trips per day collecting and transporting the solid waste.

          This garbage collected is disposed off at a dump yard situated about 1km away from the centre of town. And the part of the waste materials are collected and dumped in low – lying areas in the absence of compost yard.


9) Industrial Activities

          There are 8 industries, which exist in the town. Out of this 5 industries are Rice mills and 3 Flour mills. And also employee more than 39 workers. This is being carried out at the small scale level.

10) Commercial Activities

          The major commercial area and the type of commercial activities existing in the town. Generally all the temple areas are occupied by commercial activities. Therefore the town requires a comprehensive approach in evolving suitable plan for organizing and guiding the commercial developments within town especially around temple, factory areas, which have got high heritage value. This necessitates for directing the future growth of commercial activities way from the central areas to outskirts in order to control the congestion and safeguard the heritage areas in the town.