Nerinjipettai Town Panchayat

Town Profile

  1. Nerinjipettai Town Panchayat Located 45.00 K.M distance from Erode District.
  2. Nearest Railway Station Name : Erode , This Railway Station Located 48.00 k.m Distance from nerinjipettai
  3. Nearest Airport Located in : Coimbatore
  4. Bus Route Details : : Bhavani Erode Avinashi Coimbatore
  1. Eswarn Kovil - Ward No : 5 - Street Name - Car Street
  2. Perumal Kovil - Ward No : 7 - Street Name - Car Street
  3. Punitha Anothiniyar Church - Ward No : 1 - Street Name - Chinnapallam
  4. Mosques - Ward No : 13 - Street Name - Mettur Bhavani Road
  5. Palamalai Sidheswaran Kovil Adivaram - Ward No : 15 - Street Name - Sidhaiyan Nagar
  6. Sri Raja Rajeswari Temple - Ward No : 13 - Street Name - Mettur Bhavani Road
  7. Parameshwari Temple - Ward No : 8 - Street Name - Mettur Bhavani Road
  8. Veerapathiran Kovil - Ward No : 14 - Street Name - Mettur Bhavani Road
  9. Sockanachiyamman Kovil - Ward No : 4 - Street Name - Sarkarai Street
  10. Mariyamman Kovil - Ward No : 3 - Street Name - Mettur Bhavani Road
  11. Agni Mariyamman Kovil - Ward No : 3 - Street Name - Harijana Colony 5th Street
  12. Mettur Mariyamman Kovil - Ward No : 7 - Street Name - Mettur Bhavani Road
  13. Kannaur Mariyamman Kovil - Ward No : 3 - Street Name - Ammasai Maniyakarar Street
  14. Perumal Kovil - Ward No : 11 - Street Name - Kovilkaradu
  15. Mariyamman Kovil - Ward No : 10 - Street Name - Ariyagoundanoor AD Colony
Festival Name How many Days Celebrated Which Month Celebrated No of Peoples ParticipatedNotified/Non Notified
Nearest City Name Direction Distance from Town Panchayat
SalemEast50.00 K.m
SathyamangalamWest64.00 K.m
MetturNorth16.00 K.m
ErodeSouth45.00 K.m




Nerinjipettai Town Panchayat coming under the administrative territory of Anthiyur Taluk, Erode District.  This Town constituted in the year of 1969 Second Grade Town Panchayat and in the Year of 1987 First Grade Town Panchayat.  This Town Panchayat is coming under municipal Act from the year 1996. In the year 11.6.2004 wide G.O.No.270 Date. 14.06.2004 It as called Special Village Panchayat. Again on 14.7.2006 wide G.O.No.55 date14.07.2006 as Town Panchayat.


                The Nerinjipettai Town panchayat is  located  in  Erode District,  Which is  Urban Local body  Coming  under  the  preview  of the  Directorate of Town Panchayat, Chennai  Government  of  Tamil Nadu. This is Town Panchayat is First Grade  local body  as per the classification and  total population of this Local body is 6884. There are 15 wards and 6 Number of Habitations.  The number is Located in Middle of the  Erode  -  Thoppur National Highway  Road  35 KM from Bhavani. The Revenue Village attributed are Nerinjipettai and Ariyagoundanoor . The area Extend  of Town  10.47 K.M. The Panchayat  Office Phone No is   04256 – 227268  and  Panchayat  E.Mail  ID  is


              We Proudly state that our Panchayat has essential facilities of transport through water by way of boat service.  It is connected two districts between Erode and Salem.  Moreover 1000 persons are utlise this service especially School Childen, Government Servents Business people are uaed this families Besids, the income through this service boost our panchayat fund.

               Again we remarkably State that our panchayat has power Generation Scheme owned by T.N.E.B. store the water and generate the  power here 30 mw (2x15) Power, throughout year prodceed. 16 Door Bridge also provide.


v      Eest Side of Kaver River, Boolampatti Selam District.

v      West Side of Pallamalai, Selem District.

v      North Side of  Navapatty Urachi Selam District.

v      South Side of  Ammapettai Town Panchayat, Erode District.


Nerinjipettai is well known town for education facilities in the region. The town has 2 Panchayat Union School  and 1 Government Higher secondary  schools and I Govt. aid  Middle School, 1 Private Higher Secondary School in the  Town  Panchayat.

Schools:     Government  Higher secondary school   Located  Nerinjipettai , Mettur  – Bhavani Main Road .

 Railways-       The nearest is in  Railway  station  as  Erode Junction at   45 km.  


Government Transport Corporations Play Number of buses. Private transports and services are also operated day and Night. There is a good Transport net work system in the town.

                                The  Town  Panchayat  Office  Located  at Erode – Bangalore  Main Road. The Town has  Good road ways facilities to all  important  Cities is Mettur – Selam  - Thouppur , Krishnagiri, Tharmapuri, Vellore,  Chennai, Mangalore. Mettur – Bhavani.   Nearest  big  City  is  Mettur  which lies in  Selam District.


Erode Collector Office is 45 km away from this Town Panchayat . Nearest Airport from this Town Panchayat is Coimbatore which is nearly 145km away from this Town Panchayat